Melayu Boleh: Learn Malay the Easy Way

Malay people are known for their abundant artistic culture and gentle mannerisms. Fall in love with the people and their culture by learning the language!

Have you recently moved to Singapore or do you have a young one about to enter Primary 1 and want your child to pick up a third or new language? If you are still deciding on a language, why not the national language of Singapore, the Malay Language?

Our Malay Language courses are conducted in an engaging and fun environment with an integration of creative arts. We use a variety of methods, such as song, dance and dramatised storytelling, teaching your child a new language through movement, interaction and expression!

Do you travel to Malaysia for work or does your job require you to interact with native Malay speakers? A good understanding of Malay traditions, culture, etiquettes and the Malay language itself may be useful.

At Agape School of Education, we equip you with the language skills required for a successful work experience. In addition, students are exposed to Malay culture and tradition. should you have a specific goal in mind, our programmes can be tailored to accommodate. Allow us to create a flexible learning environment, which is beneficial to both companies and individuals.

If you have friends and relatives whose native tongue is Malay, proficiency in the Malay Language could help you interact and connect with them on a more meaningful level.

At Agape School of Education, our Malay Language programmes prepare students with the skills needed for fluent interaction with family and friends on a daily basis. Other than language skills, basic Malay culture and tradition are emphasised for a more holistic understanding.

Are you planning a holiday around Southeast Asia? As many countries in this region are Malay-speaking nations, interacting with people from these countries requires a basic knowledge of the native language, which can also make the trip more enjoyable.

At Agape School of Education, we prepare and equip students with the basic Malay skills that are essential for daily communication. We cover relevant topics needed by a traveller, from greetings, asking for directions and checking into a hotel to ordering food and beverage. If you are interested in a tailor-made programme, get in touch with us to find out how we can accommodate your needs.

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Adult Classes
We offer courses on the Malay Language levels A1–B1. These courses are for teenagers and adults who want to learn the Malay Language for various purposes.
This programme is created for children aged 3–5 years. The aim is to introduce them to the Malay language and culture using a fun and engaging approach.
Preparatory Primary 1 Malay
Conducted in a student-centred learning environment, this programme is specially developed for children (ages 5–7 years). Our lessons are closely aligned with the MOE syllabus to prepare students for a smooth transition to Primary 1.
Customised Classes
We believe every individual is unique and therefore we are ready to create a special programme tailored to your requirements to meet your learning objectives. Get in touch with us directly so that we can assist you with a course that meets your specific needs.
In our Malay Language programme, other than delivering the content of the subject itself, our teachers go the extra mile to ensure that every student’s understanding is the priority. Teachers take the initiative to apply various interesting approaches and adopt different learning styles to cater to different students’ needs. Click here to read more students’ testimonies, which speak about their experiences in our programme.
Our Malay teachers are native speakers who would share their extensive knowledge and offer a wide range of insights into the Malay language and culture. Let us introduce them to you.

At the Malay Desk of Agape School of Education, you would have the opportunities to learn the Malay language and culture through the various Malay language programs, as well as receive all assistance and enquiries that you might have regarding the Malay language and culture.

Send your enquiries to [email protected] so that we could provide you with more information on our Malay language courses.

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