Discover the Advantages of Learning Malay in Singapore!

This is post 1 of 1 in the series “Learning Malay” Are you looking to learn Malay in Singapore? Look no further than the Agape School of Education! Our experienced and passionate teachers are dedicated to helping you learn Malay in a fun and engaging way. We offer a range of courses that are tailored […]

Malay for Permanent Residency (PR)

Language and Social Integration There is no one size fits all formula when it comes to getting permanent residency in Singapore. The government looks at each application individually and decides whether or not it wants that person as a permanent resident based on their skills and qualifications. The government has also set up schemes, such […]

How to Become Fluent in a Foreign Language

As the Singapore education system changes to emphasise a more holistic exposure to foreign languages, it is important to understand the underlying structures of language that can help students learn effectively. One of the most practical ways to make use of your spare time nowadays is to start learning a new skill. Learning a foreign […]

Learn for Life: The MOE push for ASEAN languages

As part of the education restructure undertaken by the Ministry of Education (MOE) to prepare Singaporeans for an increasingly complex, interconnected, and tech-driven world, the new curriculum will build on existing efforts to help today’s students be agile and future-ready, regardless of their backgrounds and starting points in life. To do so, the MOE has […]